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How Golf Simulators Generate More Revenue With Online Booking
Business Tips   |   Aug 12, 2019
Whether you run an indoor golf course year-round or operate a few simulators at your golf course during the offseason, you need to make sure those expensive systems being used to generate income. Golf simulators represent a considerable investment, so ensuring they are generating consistent and predictable revenue is critical for ensuring a business venture […] Read more
#online booking | #Rental
Increase Your Customer Retention With Automated Appointment Recall Reminders
News   |   Oct 17, 2017
Build repeat business with automated rebooking reminders. An efficient way to boost your customer retention. Read more
#Customer Retention | #online booking
Automatically Dispatch Appointments to Your Personnel and Spend Less Time Managing Schedules
Product Features   |   Oct 02, 2017
It is now possible to automatically dispatch appointments booked online to the available personnel instead of asking your client to choose a personnel, or do the dispatch manually yourself. Read more
#appointment | #online booking
5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Online Appointment Scheduling
Business Tips   |   Feb 17, 2017
A major, but tedious part of running a service-oriented business is scheduling; however, the technology available today gives business owners an opportunity to simplify and automate it. Here are the 5 top reasons why you should be using online scheduling tool. Read more
#online booking
8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App
Business Tips   |   Feb 14, 2017
Having an App to support your business offers huge benefits and is a great step to take to keep your customers engaged and coming back. Find out our partner AppInstitute and why you should create your own app. Read more
#mobile app | #online booking
You Can Now Customize Pricing and Duration per Staff
Product Features   |   Nov 18, 2016
When you have staff with different levels of experience and your pricing must reflect that, your service offer may quickly become complex and tedious to go through. This is why we added a very cool feature where you can adjust the pricing and duration of a service for a specific staff. Read more
#online booking | #staff
How to Fully Customize Your Book Now Button
Uncategorized   |   Nov 14, 2016
This article presents technical notes on how to fully customize the look and feel of your booxi book now widget, as well as some behaviours. Remember that these are optional and not required to use the booxi Book Now widget and get a perfectly working Book Now button. Read more
#online booking
How to Get More Revenues by Working Less ?
Business Tips   |   Aug 30, 2016
Stop loosing time and energy. Choose the right tool that works for you to increase your income, improve your customer service, and enjoy your evenings and week-end.  Read more
#online booking | #optimization | #time saving
Tired to Spend Most of Your Time on the Phone to Manage Your Appointments?
Business Tips   |   Aug 11, 2016
Stop wasting time and focus on what you really like to do : be with your customers. Read more
#no-show | #online booking | #time saving
booxi is proud to have contributed to the success of the Hair Fashion Night of L’Oréal Professionnel event.
Press Release   |   Jul 11, 2016
Thanks to its easy-friendly use and its features, booxi contributed to the success of an event organized by L'Oréal Professionnel, that required a smart solution to manage appointments. Read more
#online booking | #time saving | #trade show
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